Being a RESA member connects you with a diverse group of professionals in the power Industry.

Who Can Join

Aspiring members who have a valid RES License issued by the ERC or letter from ERC acknowledging its intent to operate as a local RES.

Membership Benefits

1. Members have a forum to:

  • share and discuss common concerns and issues about the Electric Power Industry
  • develop constructive and close relationships among members of the Association and pertinent government institutions;

2. Members have an opportunity to contribute:

  • their views in an Association that represents the voice of the retail electricity suppliers
  • towards the goal of the Association for attainment of superior services and facilities in the Electric Power Industry

3. Members will expect assistance from the Association in protecting each member’s rights and interests 
4. Members will be aided with relevant services and information to help achieve business goals

How to be a Member

1. Submission of the following to the RESA Administrative Affairs Committee:

  • Accomplished RESA Membership Form signed by the Authorized Signatory of the RES Companya
  • Copy of the RES License or Acknowledgement Letter from ERC of the Local RES
  • Letter of Intent, signed by the Authorized Signatory, expressing its intention and objectives to join the Association as well as its agreement to comply with the RESA’s By Laws and AOI
  • Secretary’s Certificate designating its Primary and Alternate Representatives, and Authorized Signatory
  • Other Documents as required by the Association 

2. Membership shall be subject to approval of the RESA Board

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