Corenergy, Inc. (Corenergy)

Corenergy, Inc. (Corenergy) is a privately – owned corporation registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in October 2012. It is engaged in the power purchase and supply of retail electricity to the contestable electricity market. It is a wholly – owned company of Vivant Energy Corporation.

Corenergy provides an array of services from providing baseload, mid – merit to peaking and replacement power requirement of contestable customers located all over the country. These customers benefit from a well – established generation portfolio enabling them to experience a reliable and cost – efficient supply of power.

Corenergy procures its power supply from a diverse mix of sources and generation technology taking into consideration the reliability and costs implications to its customers. Power plants that employ conventional technology as well as renewable sources are just among the suppliers.

Corenergy, Inc. is dedicated to providing reliable and cost – efficient source of energy to contestable customers. Each retail electricity supply contract will be tailor – fitted to the needs of the customer.

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Michael Angelo Lasam
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