Premier Energy Resources Corporation (PERC)

Premier Energy Resources Corporation (PERC) is a licensed Retail Electricity Supplier (RES) and was incorporated on 21 February 2008 with the primary purpose of engaging in the supply and delivery of electricity and providing facilities or services necessary in connection with the supply or delivery of electricity to contestable customers.

As a licensed RES, PERC is being managed and ran by personnel with various experience and expertise in the power industry. It also plans to be the model in the supply of electricity by providing quality services to its customers and empowering customer choice in terms of the selection of their types of electricity based on their energy goals and priorities.

PERC also plans to set up a One Stop Shop for electricity supply by including value added services, among others:

  •  Advisory Services
  •  Market trading and settlement services
  •  Initiate the conduct of an active information dissemination to drum client awareness and
  •  Assistance in firming up contracts with industry participants and governments.


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